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  • 20-30% less than competitors

  • All inclusive pricing

  • Luxury Amenities

  • Telehealth

  • Remote Visitation

  • Pandemic resistant building

Bristol from intersection.jpg

Bristol, CT  5-story 117 unit  Opens July 2023

Naugatuck, CT  3-story 124 unit  Construction started

Providing exceptional senior living with kindness wrapped around every detail while offering an all-inclusive more affordable rate.

Pillar #1

Kindness from Management and Associates

Our leadership team formed our community in kindness, with a passion to make excellent care both available and affordable. Setting a tone of respect for the care team members providing services enables team members in turn to treat residents with respect and empathy. 

Pillar #2

Kindness Among Residents

Our community is smaller by design, allowing for personal relationships to flourish in an environment of communal caring and neighborhood living. Whether it’s helping a fellow resident in need, giving a supportive hug, or listening with empathy and openheartedness, kindness is the common bond among our community members

Pillar #3

Kindness Beyond the Community

Where kindness lives, caring and good deeds naturally flourish. Our residents reach out to the greater community, sharing their time and talents, most recently by putting together bagged lunches to distribute to the homeless



After spending years in the assisted living industry, the partners saw the need to service the middle market and pivoted the team to create the vision.  Mark De Pecol, CEO leads the effort and mission.


KindCare employs only the best, most experienced professionals with integrity and proven excellence.  The partners and team have over 40 years of proven experience.  EGA Architects only design assisted living over the last 30 years, Dymar Engineering leads the site approvals and has a 100% track record.


KindCare has a highly experienced executive team with many years experience in operations for this specific program.  Liz Molitoris oversees a nationwide assisted living manager who also invests in the communities, Charter Senior Living.


Securing financing during the pandemic and high interest rate environment is difficult but financial depth, professional team and ability to execute makes the difference.  CFO, Jamie Spencer, CPA leads the finance team.


KindCare employs a Construction Manager with over 100 years in business and bonded to over $600mm.  Specializing in senior housing, Wohlsen Construction is known for its professionalism, integrety and quality of work.


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